Romina Berenice Canet
I draw, paint and create prints often using my own photography and poetry as inspiration, as well as research into theoretical areas such as carnival, the unconscious, the uncanny and the abject.

Ruth Ander
I make delicate,atmospheric monoprints on tissue and Japanese paper.  Layers of colour are hand-pressed and the effect of texture and translucency is something between an old fresco, a waterco

Ruth Piper-Visual Artist
Central to my work are notions of transition and transformation that link to a strong sense of place both physical, psychological and intellectual.

Steph Renshaw
I'm a print maker working in Dry Point.  My work is inspired by spending time in nature and enjoying views of the countryside but also out about around the city of Bristol.

Stuart Nurse
My work is about the natural world.

Sue Pickering: Mixed Media Artist
Sue Pickering is a mixed media artist. The beauty and complexity of everyday life inspire her to make fine art and applied art pieces using a range of media.

Susan Dendy
My artwork is dynamic and loves strong vibrant colours.

Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor is an artist who fuses digital illustration and hand-drawn ink drawings with experimental typefaces to create commercially driven poster prints.

Susie Ramsay Art
Susie Ramsay is an artist based in Bristol, specialising in landscape and city scenes.

TG Freeson
My artworks, my life.

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