Lisa Malyon Draws & Paints
Lisa takes commissions to hand draw lampshades depicting and landmarks, buildings or structure of your choice - piers and bridges work particularly well

Lisa Richards
I specialise in paper cutting. My work is about line and the contrast of colours, with a story often behind the image.

Lukasz Iskierka
I am a Bristol-based Artist and Illustrator from Poland, and I love traditional media - for the way they feel, their originality and texture - and I use them with a never ending appetite in my art.

Lynette Evans
I am interested in exploring commonalities of lived experience as a basis of coexistence, conceptually my work takes inspiration from philosophy, psychology and sociology.

Mangostone Ltd.
Mangostone Ltd. is a Bristol based set building and prop making workshop.

Nathanael Lamp
I am a visual artist who's practice is mainly in figurative painting and drawing.

New British Art
Breaking news! New British Art have been short-listed to represent Wales at the prestigious Venice Biennale in 2011.

Petra Regent
I have been a wildlife filmmaker for many years, so the natural world informs my practice since I made a career move and completed an MA in printmaking.

RAD Art (Rebecca Dorsett)
I am a visual artist who loves exploring the world through drawings with a love of the humble pen and pencil, often working on a large scale to explore the details of the subject.

Rebecca Miller Art & Illustrations
I make original paintings, art prints, and cards - which are for sale at my website,

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