AlderDoodle (Ramona Alksne)
Hello! I'm a Bristol-based, Latvian-born calligrapher & letterer.

Alice Rolfe
I am a conceptual artist who is interested in our psychological reactions to trauma; I particularly focus on memory, loss and control.  I explore this through drawing, making 3D work and acade

Angie Kenber
Angie Kenber is an experienced painter and printmaker who works from her studio at BV Studios, Bedminster, Bristol.  During the last few years she has exhibited widely in galleries and shows i

Cedar Stuff
I am a textile artist working in all forms of stitch, my focus is often on the beauty found in the small details that surround us all the time.  I make large wall hangings, sculptures and smal

Chandos Atelier
Hello, my name's Emma.... These hands have been making props and costume for over 20 years now and I'm lucky enough to have my own studio in Redland, Bristol - Chandos Atelier.

Dallas Collins (Phoenix Art Works)
Dallas Collins was once an aircraft engineer working for Airbus, Filton Nr Bristol.

Darren Hoskins
Darren currently produces vibrant impressionistic pastel pictures of cityscapes, landscapes and portraits.

Dave Bennett
Artist, abstract oil paintings, visit to see more

David Foord
Painter, Print-maker and Illustrator.  Will do commisions. My website is

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