Vestibules: [dis]place Synecdoche Art Residency

Tue, 05/09/2017 - Sun, 24/09/2017

A group of artists from Synecdoche, a Bristol-based art community, will explore the ideas that these definitions evoke during their month-long residency at The Vestibules in September 2017. Displaced from their normal routines to make art in a public space, they are aiming to work differently, reacting to this new environment, bringing a range of practices and ideas that will hopefully change and evolve over time. The visitors may influence what happens, through interaction, conversation or by their very presence. There will always be something to see, to inspire and engage. Come with an open mind; every day will be different.

Synecdoche presents [dis]place at The Vestibules, City Hall, College Green, Bristol

dis: prefix – changing a term to the negative

place: noun – a particular position, point, or area in space; a location
verb – to put something somewhere
displace: verb – to move or put out of the usual or proper place

Can the experience of being displaced offer a fresh perspective, unexpected connections and a new understanding?

We’ll be there at other times too. If the doors are open, please come in.
Please check the [dis]place Facebook event for updates or use the QR code.
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Instagram @Synecdoche.Art

Maura Zukina
Chris Watkins
Clare Thatcher

Miranda Story

Soraya Schofield

Nicola Pearce

Francis Martin

Rosie McLay

Ann Kelson

Alice Jennings
Veronia Gayle

Prerna Chandiramani

Gina Baum

Lou Baker
Margaret Anstee

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