Bristol Print Room

Bristol Print Room is an exciting new, open access printing facility in East Bristol. Come and try all sorts of intalglio print making - dry point, collographs, monoprinting, lino printing and more. Beginners art workshops and artists groups are underway.

Facilties include Printing Press capable of printing up to A3

- Paper soak area and blotting paper
- Storage of work for up to 1 week
- Spacious communal workspace and inking areas

​We sell paper per sheet:

- Bockingford mill 300gsm Hot Press Smooth.
- John Purcell Paper 'Bread and Butter' 300gsm

Plates. Sold in various sizes:

- Perspex dry-point plates 2mm thick various sizes
- Dry-point plastic ('flexi-glass')
- Dry-point card
- Lino board

You will need to bring:

- Your own ink, (intaglio ink now available at Bristol Fine Art)
- Your own plate and dry-point/etching tools
- Your own paper
- Creativity

We also run beginners courses, visit for more info.

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